Plans for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

Happy Halloween!

November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, where writers around the world attempt to write the first draft of a novel (50,000 words or more).  I'm not participating this year, mostly because I don't have 50k words left on my novel and I'm not going to start something new just for the heck of it.  But hats off to everyone who IS participating and putting their words on the page.  Good luck! While I might not be working toward NaNoWriMo success, I AM trying to finish the first draft of my novel by the end of the month.  I realized with family coming, and the general holiday madness, I don't know how much time I'll have to write in December.  It's upped my minimum daily wordcount a bit to 750 words, five days a week, but I've been writing significantly more than that on average, so I feel good about the goal.

In other news, I crossed the 75,000 word milestone last Thursday!  For those that don't know, that equates to approximately 300 pages of a standard paperback.

Karen is showing off 'her' pumpkin.

Finally, Happy Belated Halloween!  Karen dressed as Daniel Tiger and had a wonderful evening of Trick-or-Treating.  She wasn't walking at this point last year, so this is really the first Halloween that she was able to enjoy.  It was so much fun watching her walk up to the door, say "Trig-Treat", and then try to grab as many pieces of candy as she could before I pulled her away.  She always said "Thank You" though, so I guess I've done my job.

After Karen went to bed, Adam and I stayed up to watch 'Zombieland' while drinking wine and eating her candy.  Good times.