The best present: time.

Cupcake Today is my birthday. Yesterday, I enjoyed a deep tissue massage that found knots in muscles I didn't know I owned. Then, last night, my husband and I celebrated with a date night that included wine tasting and steak. It was a wonderful, adult evening, and I loved every second of it.


Irresistible Force, by Jane's Addiction

Right now, I'm sitting in my pajamas in our recently remodeled, almost finished, entertainment room, listening to Irresistible Force by Jane's Addiction on our new seven speaker surround, drinking a cup of Chemex coffee (thanks Chuck Wendig for the recommendation...a Christmas present for my husband has turned into a Christmas present for the whole family), about to spend the morning editing Sanyare, while my husband and daughter do the grocery shopping and buy curtains for said almost remodeled room. It's a rare unscheduled morning, and I'm enjoying it immensely!

Happy Birthday to me!