World-Building: The Upper Realm

World-Building: The Upper Realm In the universe of SANYARE, there are 9 realms, each independent, but connected through ancient treaties and portals. Of these, the Upper Realm is the most powerful politically, and has defined itself as being the most 'civilized'.


King Othin rules the High Court of Elves from his golden throne in Silevren, the capital city. The high elves are an exceptionally tall race, well over six feet for both men and women. They are thin boned and slender, making them appear fragile, even as their warriors sweep through battlefields with heavy swords and armor. They have very pale white skin that can sometimes shimmer or glisten in the right light, like pristine saltwater pearls. Their eyes are similarly pale, ranging in color from soft gold to blue and violet.

The high elves are the ruling class, and they make sure everyone knows it. In general, they disdain the lesser fae races, although they are happy to accept their service. Lesser fae featured in SANYARE are nisses and carnivorous pixies.

Nisses are short, knobby creatures with multiple arms and spindly limbs. They attach themselves to specific dwellings, their families caring for the property over generations. Very rarely they will attach themselves to an individual. If they are well-treated, they will interact with the residents of the household (usually high elves), and may choose to take care of the family as well as the house by cooking and cleaning. If mistreated, they will actively work to drive the residents out of the house.

Carnivorous pixies are two to three inches tall, winged, and mischievous. As the name implies, they eat meat; a hungry swarm of five or more pixies can strip a small animal down to the bone in minutes. They have the ability to camouflage their entire body to match any background, or appear as nondescript objects. They are treated as little better than insects by the high elves, who regularly trap and kill them as pests.


The High Court is the home of spirit magic, the ability to affect an individual's energy and mood.

    • Weak - Feel emotion in others, sense the energy level of a creature
    • Average - Influence emotion or energy level by heightening or dampening current state, heal minor wounds by increasing cellular energy & repair
    • Strong - Bend another’s will, control emotion by forcing another to be happy or sad or feel defeated, drain energy and absorb it into self, heal major wounds - even restart a heart within minutes of death


As the most 'civilized' of the greater fae, the high elves have developed strict rules of etiquette that enforce a severe formality to the activities and dwellings of the nobility. Class and hierarchy are paramount. The highest nobles serve on the King's council, acting as advisors and toadies. Mid-level nobles may be large landowners. Lower nobles, like Rie's wardens, serve the higher-class elves as skilled craftsmen or warriors. There is some movement amongst the classes of elves, however, as warriors who prove themselves in battle move up, or council members lose their favor with the king.

The High Court itself is decorated in gold and white marble, with intricate carvings and grand sculptures. There are no carpets or tapestries to deaden sound, so every noise echoes throughout the great halls and corridors.


The Upper Realm is one of five realms considered part of the upperworlds, and has negotiated treaties and trade routes that allow free travel to each of the other four. They also allow restricted travel to the Human and Dwarven Realms, which are considered neutral territory between the upperworlds and underworlds.

The underworlds are composed of the Shadow and Demon Realms, and travel to these realms is illegal as a result of the treaty of the Great War. In fact, if any citizen of the Upper Realm has contact with the Shadow Realm, they are immediately judged a traitor and may be executed. The only way to reach the underworlds is by first traveling through one of the neutral realms...which is why travel to these worlds is restricted.