I'll be at the Southern California Writers' Conference

Yesterday, I registered for my first writers' conference. To some of you authors out there, that may seem shocking. After all, I've been seriously writing for years now, and I'm a fantasy nerd, so you'd think I would have attended some kind of writing or creative conference prior to this. Nope.

And to the non-writers out there, you might be thinking what's the big deal? And the answer is...I dunno. That's part of why I want to go. I also want to learn more about the craft and business of writing, and a conference is a great way to do that.

So September 19 - 21 I will be attending the Southern California Writers' Conference - Los Angeles.

Ironically, for those that know about these things, the conference is not actually in Los Angeles. It's held at the Hilton in Newport Beach -- which is in Orange County -- but I'm not complaining. It's close to home for me, and I won't have to pay for a hotel.

I'm looking forward to networking with other writers, editors, and agents, and cramming as much learning as I can into three days. Do you have any conference tips to share? Is anyone else attending this one?