It's Conference Time!

On Friday I will be heading to the Southern California Writers' Conference. Two and half days of learning about writing craft and business.  Two and half days of spending more time with adults than children. Two and a half days free from toddler power struggles. Needless to say, I'm excited. The schedule lists some great classes: everything from determining your novel's genre, to "building characters from the inside out", to revising and editing, to managing your business as an "authorpreneur". There are a few sessions where I'm going to have to make a tough decision between the classes I want to take. It will probably be a last minute, day-of, gut decision.

I've also signed up to have my first fifteen pages critiqued by a professional author/editor. I'm both excited and nervous about that session. On the one hand, I've worked the pages to death, so I hope the feedback is positive. On the other, the only way to get better is to bring in some constructive criticism. I'm sure my reader will have a bit of both. In any case, it will be a great opportunity to focus on my novel and talk through any issues she sees in my writing.

In other news, I have six chapters left to edit in SANYARE. I might not make it by the end of September as I'd hoped, but it will be close if I can push through these next few weeks. Nose to the grindstone and all that jazz. Beta readers, get ready!