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In the spirit of Halloween, why don't we talk about the creepies and crawlies and things that go bump in the night in Sanyare: The Last Descendant? I'm also giving away one signed print copy of Sanyare and five digital copies of both Sanyare and Pixie Tamer. Make sure to enter the Rafflecopter below!

Vampyren by Edvard Munch

Vampyren by Edvard Munch

Blood Sidhe: Known to the humans as Vampire, the blood sidhe are greater fae that prey on humans. They require human blood or will slowly shrivel and die. Their magics are glamour -- the ability to manipulate perception and alter the five senses -- and coercion.

Dark Elf: The rulers of the Shadow Realm, the dark elves wield soul magic, including the ability to speak with the dead and sever the soul from the physical body.

Goblin: One of the lesser fae races, the goblins value physical deformities and imperfections. Though they have no magic, they are stronger than they appear, and more vicious. They prefer to live underground in massive tunnel systems. Most live in the Shadow Realm or the Autumn Realm.

Gremlin: Though once rued as the destroyers of technology, the gremlins are creatures of curiosity and invention. Master Whixle is their unofficial leader, a smith who has developed the ability to enchant weapons and can craft the strongest, sharpest, most valuable blades in all of the nine realms.

High Elf: The rulers of the Upper Realm, the high elves are also called the glittering throng. Wielders of spirit (energy) magic, the high elves can bring even the strongest of men to their knees, breaking their minds and leaving them as little more than walking vegetables.

Lincoln Imp

Lincoln Imp

Imp: A breed of lesser fae that looks like a cross between a large rat and tiny goat. Often overlooked, they work for the greater fae as servants and spies. They have the ability to translocate - magically disappear from one place and instantly reappear somewhere else.

Chinese Longma

Chinese Longma

Longma: The dragon horse. These are independent and reclusive creatures, rarely coming out of the hills where they live. However, they are extremely loyal and devoted to those they choose to bond with. Legend has it, the chosen are destined to be powerful leaders with great destinies.

Pixie: Some of the smallest of the lesser fae, the pixies are winged and hairless, with solid black eyes and skin that can camouflage to match any surface. Fierce but undiscriminating carnivores, they live and travel in swarms. Individually they can't do much harm, but together they can clean the meat off the bones of an animal the size of a cow in a matter of minutes.

Red Caps: Fierce warriors, the red caps wear hats that magically drip with the blood of their kills. The bloodier the hat, the more kills to the warrior's credit.

Rougarou: Sometimes confused with the werewolf, these creatures look like your stereotypical movie wolfmen. Hairy and clawed, standing well over seven feet tall, they're the hired muscle of the Upper Realm nobility. The do not, however, change shape between man and wolf. 

Troll: The largest of the fae, trolls can easily grow to be the size of a school bus. In battle, they are often found in the front, plowing through the enemy line or battering down the gates of a fortress. However, in peace time, they are as amiable as any creature in the nine realms.

What's your favorite creature from Sanyare: The Last Descendant? Are there any other mythological creatures that you'd love to see incorporated into the Sanyare Universe?

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