Elf on a Shelf Meets Sanyare, and You Could Win $10

Look what came in the mail this week! Bookmarks!!

I have five hundred of these lovely ladies to give away. So I'm thinking, let's have a reverse scavenger hunt, and leave a trail of bookmarks all over town, and the internet! And, as a little extra incentive, you could win a $10 gift card to the book retailer of your choice!

All you have to do is leave the bookmarks in fun and creative places, take a picture, and post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, tagging me with my username and the hashtag ‪#‎Sanyare‬. You could leave it at a coffee shop gift card display, in the grocery store holiday candy, or on the treadmill magazine stand at your gym. The pictures don't have to be holiday themed, but that's a bonus. Be creative!

On New Year's Day, I'll pick my favorite photo and the winner will get a $10 gift card from the book retailer of their choice!

To get your bookmarks:

  1. If you haven't already, please subscribe to my newsletter. I'll send you an email welcoming you to the list and giving you a free copy of Pixie Tamer, plus once you've confirmed you've read Sanyare, you'll get two additional free deleted scenes! 
  2. Send me an email with your physical address so I can send you a set of 11 bookmarks: 10 to give away, and one signed one to keep for yourself! You can either reply to the welcome email or use the contact form. [NOTE: I respect your privacy. I will not keep your physical address on file, and will only use it to send the requested bookmarks.]

I'm really looking forward to seeing where Rie ends up. So let's get started!