Follow-Up: Digital vs. Print, how do you spend your time?

On Tuesday I posted the results from my two-second survey on your preferred reading platforms. Maybe it should have been obvious, but I was a bit surprised that digital beat print and at how many people read in multiple formats. I mean, sure, my audience is going to be largely ebook readers (since Sanyare: The Last Descendant is currently only available in ebook formats), but common wisdom is that print still rules the market. Then again, once I got my first Kindle, I could never go back to reading print on a regular basis. It was just too convenient to have all my books on one device, and instant access to more, whenever I wanted them!

In any case, it made me wonder, of the people who recreationally read in both digital (ebook) and print, how much of your reading time is spent in each? Just to clarify, I'm specifically asking about your recreational or fun reading, not what you read for news or business. I know that a lot of people still prefer a printed newspaper, or read textbooks in print, but since I'm a novelist, I'm really only interested in your fiction and non-fiction fun reading. So I put together another two-second survey to answer that!

Please take a moment to submit the survey below, and share it with your friends. The more responses, the more informative the results!

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Thank you! I'll post the results in a few weeks!