Character Glossary: How to pronounce the elvish names

While writing Sanyare, I wanted to give an authentic feel to all of the character names. It was particularly important that the elvish characters sounded foreign -- even difficult to pronounce -- to add some legitimacy to the fantasy realms in Rie's travels. During the world building process, I found a great website -- Merin Essi ar Quenteli --  that provided translations for names in J.R.R. Tolkien's elvish languages. I thought you might find it interesting to learn what the names mean, and how to pronounce them, or at least how I pronounce them in my head!

Some characters do not have elvish names, like Ragnar and Othin (those actually come from Norse folklore). For those characters, I only listed the pronunciation.

Nuriel (NOO-ree-el): Servant-Daughter
Our protagonist, she prefers the nickname Rie (REE-ay, rhymes with hooray). Human.

Aradae (AIR-a-day): Royal-Shadow
King of the Shadow Realm. Dark elf.

Braegan (BRAY-gan)
The first person willing to help Rie navigate the Shadow Realm. Blood sidhe (pronounced shee).

Curuthannor (koo-ROO-than-or): Skilled-Shield
Rie's foster father (aka warden) and martial trainer. He's the head of King Othin's personal guard. High elf.

Daenor (DAY-nor): Shadow-Fire
Bastard son of King Aradae and a prince of the Shadow Realm. He's also the Commander of the Shadow Guard. Mixed dark elf and fire sidhe.

Faerleithril (fair-LEE-thrill): Spirit-Freer
Female heir to the Shadow Realm throne and Faernodir's twin. Dark elf.

Faernodir (fair-NOR-deer): Spirit-Binder
Male heir to the Shadow Realm throne and Faerleithril's twin. Dark elf.

Garamaen (gare-a-May-en): Clever Wolf (actually, wolf clever, but it sounds better switched around)
A powerful Lord of the elves living in the Human Realm. High elf.

Gikl (GI-kill)
One of the pixies who has attached to Rie.

Hiinto (HIN-toe)
One of the pixies who has attached to Rie.

Lhéwen (LAY-when): Thread-Maiden
Rie's foster mother, aka warden. She's the best seamstress in the Upper Realm. High elf.

Niinka (NIN-ka)
One of the pixies who has attached to Rie.

Othin (OH-thin)
King of the Upper Realm. High elf.

Possn (POSS-in)
One of the pixies who has attached to Rie.

Ragnar (RAG-nawr)
Prince Daenor's friend and executive assistant. Goblin.

Rolimdornoron (roll-im-DOOR-nor-on): Most Swift Realm Runner
Rie's boss in the High Court messenger service. High elf with questionable lineage.

Tharbatiron (thar-ba-TEER-on)
Proprietor of the renowned and extremely popular Crossroads Inn. Ancient dark elf.

Tiik (TEAK)
One of the pixies who has attached to Rie.

Tryg (TRIG, like in trigonometry)
Bartender and bodyguard for Tharbatiron

Whixle (WICK-sell)
Renowned Shadow Realm bladesmith. Gremlin.

Thank you so much to DreamingFifi and the website of Merin Essi ar Quenteli. I hope I haven't butchered the Sindarin too badly! Any and all mistakes in translation or pronunciation are completely, 100% my own.