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Guardian (3.5)

This is what sword and sorcery is all about.
— Emma Bain

(Note: Though it can be read independently, this shorter length novella chronologically is book 3.5 in the series. Enjoy!)

An angel’s purpose is to serve and protect the souls under her care.

Judith is an angel, a guardian called to watch over the souls of the deserving in paradise. But when a rift between realms is opened in the wastelands of the wicked, every sword is needed. While the archangels work to seal the breach, Judith and the guardians fight to block the souls’ escape. The dead cannot be allowed to possess the living.

A single mistake disrupts the closure, crippling the guardians and threatening the safety of the nine realms. Can Judith prevent the next breach before the wicked march on the living and destroy the order of life?

If you like action-packed fantasy with angels, daemons, and wandering hordes of wicked souls, you’ll love this companion novella to The Sanyare Chronicles.

Find out what happens on the other side of the veil. Buy Guardian today!