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The Heir Apparent (2)

I didn’t think it was capable for the series to get better. Haskell is such a talented writer and story teller that the second installment not only expands on the first, it enriches it.
— Arec Rain
A book full of magic, adventure, tragedy, trust, mystic creatures and romance.
— Stephanie Hail
...an insane talent to merge 21st century technology and ancient mythology.
— Jenelle Roberts

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Her secret is unraveling. One dangerous quest could end it all...

Rie thought she was an ordinary human. After she’s named heir to Sanyaro, the truthseeker and mediator of all nine realms, life becomes a lot more complicated. As she struggles to control her magics, Rie nearly falls prey to a brutal assassination attempt during a public ceremony.  

Blamed for the chaos, Rie’s escort, Prince Daenor, is taken prisoner. While Sanyaro tempers the political flames, Rie must once again chase after the truth. As if the threat of another great war and the impending death of her lover weren’t enough, Rie uncovers a dark secret that threatens to crack the very foundations of the faerie realms. When allies fall, can Rie overcome the odds… and the opposition?

Sanyare: The Heir Apparent is a captivating dark fantasy adventure novel. If you enjoy thrilling adventures across nine unique realms filled with wise-cracking carnivorous pixies, then you’ll love the second installment of The Sanyare Chronicles from Megan Haskell.

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